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About Queen Tung

Queen Tung Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of precision parts. Since 1973, we have designed and manufactured hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, spool/shafts, valves and coils. We have also obtained ISO 9001:2008 and CE certification. All of our products worldwide are compiled with RoHS regulations during manufacturing process. Being a recognized company, we exceed the expectations of our customers, employees, and community. Standing ahead in quality is our philosophy. From concept to completion, every product manufactured at Queen Tung goes through strict inspection and testing throughout completed process according to SOP including final dimensional accuracy, performance, aesthetics, packaging and delivery. Therefore, our product quality excels in high precision, quality and performance. We take great pride in our relentless dedication to quality products and service. This mantra is why we are still serving satisfied clients worldwide after 40+ years.

Germany and Japan are well known for their advanced manufacturing machineries. We always purchase our manufacturing equipment from those countries. This enables us to manufacture high-precision parts with accuracy of ±0.001mm by having constantly purchased advanced machineries from Japan and inspection equipment from Germany, such as, composite milling machines, precision CNC grinding machines, boring mills, TIG welding machines, injection molding machines and all kinds of special-purpose processing machines, non-contact shaft measuring systems, and so on.

By utilizing 3D CAD/CAE to enhance our technical and simulation skills, our experienced in-house strong R&D team is constantly developing new products, improve existing ones, and refining manufacturing processes, and all members provide innovative, effective, and practical solutions to optimize manufacturing processes and quality.


To provide products with high accuracy, performance and quality with outstanding service. 

To become a world leading manufacturer in precision product field.

Standing Ahead in Quality.

・Integrity – Acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth and being reliable in delivering on our commitments
・Quality – Achieving high standards for operational excellence in all our processes and taking responsible for the quality of whatever we do.
・Relationships – Striving to exceed customer’s expectations in affordability, quality and on-time delivery.
・Teamwork – Rewarding our people with contributions and providing the education and development needed to help our people grow.
・Safety – Ensuring the health and safety of employees to provide an accident-free workplace.









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