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Q: Why Choose Queen Tung Co. LTD.?

A: Customer’s success is our achievement. Queen Tung will be your reliable partner because:
1. 40+ year Experience:
(1) Integrated Departments: We integrate CNC Multi-Axis Turning section, CNC Grinding section, Honing section, Welding section and Injection Molding section in house in order to execute strict qualtity control.
(2) Comprehensive Services: We can provide customer with precision parts, cartridge valve, solenoid valve and coil.

2. Professional R&D:
(1) Minimize Cost: With professional experience and utilizing computer aided design software, we create precision drawings/designs before the machining process begins and helps us to identify potential design errors prior to machining, to eliminate the potential for waste, and to reduce customer costs.
(2) Optimize Design: Utilizing CAD/CAE makes us to streamline the entire process that working with customers from concept to production, and utilizing the innovative technology, which enhance the performance of product and reach the savings of time and costs for our partners and customers.

3. Dedicated Team:
(1) Highly Proactive: We are committed to customer’s success. All our team members are spontaneous to better work with enthusiasm.
(2) Effective Communication: Our professional team have efficient communication with customers in short time.

4. Quality Product:
(1) Competitive Price: With advanced equipment and professional design, we can offer your competitive price that is beneficial for your market competition.
(2) High Precision & Performance: We can reach the accuracy of ±0.001mm and surface roughness of 0.8S~1.6S.

Q: What are Queen Tung manufactured items?

A: Queen Tung manufactured items include:

  • Precision Parts: Hydraulic Parts, Pneumatic Parts, Construction Machinery Parts, Shaft Parts, Auto Parts, etc.
  • Cartridge Valve: Directional Control Valve, Flow Control Valve, Pressure Control Valve, Proportional Control Valve, etc.
  • Solenoid Valve: Hydraulic Solenoid Valve, Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, etc.
  • Coil: Push-pull Coil, Proportional Coil, Displacement Sensing Coil, Waterproof Coil, etc.
  • Grinding Process: OD Grinding Process, Bore Grinding Process, etc.
  • Bore Honing Process.
  • Injection Molding: Thermosetting Material (BMC) Encapsulation Molding, Thermoplastic Materials Encapsulation Molding, etc.
  • Welding: Laser Welding, TIG Welding, Filler Welding, etc.

Q: What are the applications for Queen Tung products?

A.With more than 40 experience, professional technology, and advanced equipment, Queen Tung parts are applied to the industries of Auto Parts, Medical Parts, Automation Equipment Parts, Agriculture Machinery Parts, Construction Machinery Parts, Marine Parts, Injection Machinery Parts and Lift Parts, etc.

Q: How about Queen Tung product quality?

A.Our Quality Control Department has all required testing and inspection equipment to monitor products quality and fulfill the standards. They contain Proportion Valve Thrust, Saturation Temperature Rises Test and Withstand Voltage and Performance Test, and so on. All products must pass various tests, then then can be delivered to customers. Customers are sure to trust our strict quality control.

Q: How to save money for customers?

A.Only quality parts can save cost because quality parts prolong the duration of machinery or tools as well as enhance the working efficiency for customers, which make customer's brand strong, save wastage cost, raw materials and save production time.

Q: How to protect our agents?

A.We always focus on long term relationship. The customers of an agent are always belonging to the agent. Queen Tung Co. LTD. will not do business directly with the customer who is belonging to an agent except obtaining the agent agreement.